Genuine Taste from Farm to Fork: Namet

Irresistible taste…

Namet, the leader meat producer of Turkey  continues to make Namet Genuine Tastes with its consumers from generation to generation for 4 generations.

Namet which is at the top for years with its healthy and reliable products, in virtue of the importance it adds to hygiene, technology and taste, places itself among the first preferences of the consumers with its varieties over 150 from deli to fresh meat, from advanced processed products to frozen products. In the most advanced production facility in Turkey, Namet with its business understanding that brings the human health and the quality at the top, competes with itself to produce better.


Experience and competence growing for generations…

Namet, which is the most rapid growing company among 500 largest companies in Turkey, acquires Maret under the same roof and became the leader meat producer in Turkey. In virtue of the professional management of Kayar family which has been shaped with a leading vision and being executed with passion, Namet is taking firm steps towards being a leader in every field of meat.

Creater of Firsts…

Namet which offers product groups such as soujouk, roasting, salami, jambon, smoked sausage, roast beef; has brought firsts such as the pastrami without fenugreek, vaccumed packed pastrami to deli group. Namet which is leader in the sector in this field continues to develop new products to facilitate the daily life.